The BeADisciple Academy is an innovative global online faith-building fellowship for high school or college-age students. It is designed for students who want to go deeper in their faith lives and leadership skills.

The Academy helps students learn more about God, themselves, and their call.  It uses a new version of DISCIPLE Bible Study as a framework to take learners through the entire Bible’s themes and stories.  Activities and discussions help them discern God’s unique call for their lives.  A huge benefit of the Academy is that it also connects students to a community of peers who likewise are seeking a deeper faith.  The Academy incorporates small group discussion, global social media interaction, and in-person mentoring with an adult in each student’s community.  And at $48 per participant and stretching over 24 weeks of study, the price just can’t be beat.

The BeADisciple Academy was created in 2014 after expanding and reworking the online Youth DISCIPLE ministry, which began in 2010.  The Academy is supported and managed entirely through the Institute for Discipleship.  Learn more at

You can help make sure that the cost for participants remains as low as possible through a donation.  The support of people like you helps make this life-changing program possible!


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