Ministry @ SC

The Institute for Discipleship is proud to support the work of ministry programs at Southwestern College.  There are a wide range of ministries available to students, whether they are looking for spiritual enrichment, a safe place to ask questions, or opportunities to gain ministry experience.

Ministries include:

  • Weekly Chapel – Both faculty and students gather each week at 11 a.m. in Messenger Auditorium to worship together.
  • Worship Outreach – Students learn the best practices of leading music in worship and practice their skills in worship bands.  Bands play for weekly Chapel and travel to churches each month to share their ministry.
  • Discipleship – Students engage their faith together in this service learning program with weekly class time, small group studies, and mission opportunities.
  • Campus Ministry – Campus ministry includes all work of the campus chaplain and twice-weekly communion services.  It is an authentic expression of Southwestern’s deeply-held commitment to the faith life of students, faculty and staff and its longstanding relationship with the United Methodist Church.
  • Philosophy and Religion Department – Offering both majors and minors, this department trains students for work in ministry and beyond.

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