Designed to be the foremost online resources for young people trying to discern God’s call in their lives, the Timothy Circle also seeks to develop and train “Timothy Mentors” in local churches. These Timothy Mentors will help their congregation develop a culture in which a sense of call is nurtured and encouraged, and will be trained to help young people explore their call and discernment opportunities.

Goals and Aims

There is a world of opportunity for students as they approach adulthood. For those seeking to discern what God has called them to do, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, unsure, and confused about where to look for direction.  With the Timothy Circle website, app, and mentor program, students, parents, mentors, and organizational ministries can all connect to empower those discerning God’s call for their lives.  With the Timothy Circle:

Students will be able to...

Parents will be able to...

Mentors will be able to...

Ministry Organizations will be able to...

How Can You Help?

We’re looking for passionate people who would like to participate in the development of this project. There are several ways you can help that require only your time:

  • Participate in our mentor beta training to give feedback and make suggestions to refine and improve the program.
  • Be a part of the planning , design, and/or implementation of the mentor training process.
  • Submit content to be used on the website such as articles about call, a video testimony of your own call story, etc.
  • Test the usability and functionality of the website and app.
  • Pray that the Timothy Circle will be a tool that God uses to shape congregations and nurture God’s call in the lives of young people.
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If the Timothy Circle sparks a fire in your own heart the way it has in ours, we’d love your support. To assist this project in any of the ways mentioned above or to make a financial contribution, please contact Miranda Jones.