Dr. Steve Wilke is the Executive Director of the Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College, which is committed to bringing the educational online tools of our culture to churches. Steve develops relationships with partners, dreams big, and directs the overall work of the Institute.

Lisa Buffum is the Director of Online Education for the Institute for Discipleship. She trains and coordinates instructors at BeADisciple.com and is the academic adviser for students in the MASM program. Lisa serves as our resident expert when it comes to online learning, course development, instructor training, customer service, and much more.

Miranda Priddy is the Director of Project Management for the Institute for Discipleship. She helps organize and manage the Summit Youth Academy and all of the in-person meetings and events of the Institute. Miranda also keeps track of finances and strategic planning for all of the Institute’s ministries.

Britt Bradley is the Director of Marketing & Communications for the Institute. She designs and maintains the Institute’s websites, markets Institute projects, writes press releases, and keeps the Institute connected to other communicators and groups. Britt also helps plan and execute the ministries of the Institute and supports their growth.

Wendy Mohler-Seib is the Director of Faith Formation for Youth and Young Adults. She directs The Summit Youth Academy, a summer retreat for high school junior and seniors about vocational discernment, hearing God’s voice, and Wesleyan theology. Wendy also teaches in the MASM youth ministry degree program and is a John Wesley Fellow.

Dr. Farai Brian Kwaramba is the Director of Global Integration and Projects Manager. He is responsible for broadening and deepening the Institute’s operations portfolio by working at the intersection of science, technology, discipleship, and global development. He also oversees the Institute’s domestic and international partnerships with United Methodist universities, colleges, research institutions, faith organizations, lay organizations and corporate collaborators.

Dr. Jackson Lashier is the Academic Director for the Master of Arts in Specialized Ministries. He oversees the faculty and curricula of the program.

Anna Chua is the Director of BeADisciple Academy.  She oversees the entire online Bible study and faith exploration program, facilitates discussions and directs the work of the participant small groups.

Jacque Nation is the administrative assistant for the Institute. She helps make sure everything runs smoothly!

Beth Galbreath is the administrative assistant for BeADisciple. She builds courses and manages course enrollments. She’s also a popular instructor on BeADisciple.com!

Eloy Mendoza consults with the Institute on website design and wrangles code to get things to work just right for our end users.

Russell Schoech is responsible for the safe and secure enrollment and payment processes of the Institute, especially for BeADisciple, the BeADisciple Academy, and the BeADisciple store.

Shayla Jordan is the intern for the Institute as well as a current Bishop Scholar at Southwestern College. She helps out with a little bit of everything, from writing and transcribing to organizing digital and physical information.